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The CMD500 is a range of high-performance radio modems for telemetry and telecontrol that provide a reliable and effective solution to remote monitoring and control requirements.

The CMD500 series has been designed to meet and exceed all of the ETSI and EMC specifications recognised throughout Europe and many other parts of the world.

The CMD500 has a separate programming port (RJ 11) to enable easy accessibility for diagnostics and programming. The modems can be programmed using the WIN 500 PC-based programming package. Standard storage and printing features of unit configuration ensure easy system documentation.

The CMD500 supports operation over a wide 15MHz range for each tuning band, with bands ranging from 400-475MHz. Channels can be set up during initial programming and subsequently selected via the diagnostic interface.

At the heart of CMD500 is an advanced surface mount radio module, designed and manufactured in the UK. Robust and flexible, the radio can operate in both licensed (ETS 300-113) or licence exempt (ETS 300-220) applications.

The CMD500 radio modems are suitable for almost any telemetry or telecontrol applications, where reliability and ease of use are of paramount importance.

Applications include point to point radio links, point to multi-point radio links, scanning telemetry networks and PLC to PLC links. The CMD500 can provide additional flexibility to industries such as utilities, transport and manufacturing.

  • > Designed to ETSI/EMC standards
  • > Rugged and compact
  • > Online programming and diagnostics
  • > Up to 80 sequential or 20 discrete programmable channels
  • > Point to point and point to multi-point wireless telemetry links
  • > Scanning telemetry networks
  • > Programmable logic controller (PLC) to PLC lines over wireless

It is our aim to never promise what we cannot deliver.


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