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SX Commercial Transceivers

The SX range of transceivers are designed to be low-risk, cost-effective building block modules for high volume OEM applications requiring radio connection, including use in the 868-870MHz pan-European band.

Ideally suited for use in today’s crowded radio telemetry bands, these resilient modules exceed the minimum requirements defined in EN 300 220.

The SX100G gives 50mW RF output, the SX500G 100mW and the SX800G is reduced to 25mW. This matches the recommended bandplan at 868MHz. Such power levels are more than adequate for short- and medium-range applications.

With careful system engineering this range could extend to 2km or further.

The receiver sections benefit from excellent sensitivity figures, low current consumption and have both squelch and RSSI facilities.

Frequency control is achieved using modern low-noise PLL synthesiser techniques with non-volatile storage of frequency data allowing serial and parallel frequency selection.

The modules are housed in small, lightweight screened enclosures with mounting pins for direct insertion into a customer’s hardware. This electrical screening ensures a family of products complying with current EMC regulations.

  • SX100G: 125 to 180MHz
  • SX500G2: 400-500MHz
  • SX800G2: 868 to 870MHz
  • Synthesised multi-channel ability
  • Small package
  • Cost effective
  • Wide supply voltage range
  • Analogue or digital modulation

It is our aim to never promise what we cannot deliver.


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