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The 200T RM combines detection of rotational movement using an accurate digital compass and transmission of this data through secure, low-cost VHF wireless.

With a long-life battery and simple communications set up, the 200T RM is self calibrating and can be used out of the box. As part of a small works alarm package, the 200T RM is used to detect and transmit the rotation of filter arms on biological filters.

The special digital compass module detects movement through the earth’s magnetic field and will work at any location.

The 200T RM transmits a pulse for each rotation. This is received by a Hub Unit which combines it with other alarms and can establish whether loss of rotation is a condition of flow or a true alarm where action is required.

The 200T RM can also be used to replace existing mechanical systems such as proximity switches or mechanical striker plates. It is scalable up to 16 units per site.

On new sites, or sites where cabling is difficult or expensive, the 200T RM provides a secure and reliable wireless monitoring process at low cost. A radio health check is performed every five minutes to confirm correct ongoing operation.

The 200T RM provides reliable operation even in difficult terrain or where obstructions might otherwise cause radio problems. Unlike mechanical methods of monitoring, the 200T RM is not affected by environmental factors as it employs totally non-contact operation.

The 200T RM is configured through four simple switch selections and can be deployed out of the box. An accessory kit is available for ease of mounting.

  • Detection of rotational movement
  • VHF wireless transmission
  • Easy to set up
  • Self calibrating
  • Battery powered
  • Reliable warning system for loss of rotation
  • Suitable for small works alarm systems
  • Unaffected by wind or temperature

It is our aim to never promise what we cannot deliver.


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