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Laser Targets


As a subsidiary of Swedish-based Saab AB, Saab Training and Simulation provide training systems for military and security services. These include target equipment for combat training, laser simulator systems and air force simulation. The company employees more than 400 workers and has subsidiaries in eight countries worldwide.


Training exercises are essential for military personnel to prepare for real life missions and combat. Training provides an opportunity for battle commanders to develop and test strategies and tactics. To maintain the safety of soldiers, staged military manoeuvres are carried out using laser targets rather than live ammunition. Combatants use laser sights fitted on every gun, cannon and tank to simulate live rounds.

Traditionally, when a sensor concealed on a soldier was hit with a laser, a bleep would sound, alerting the target to lie down and feign injury. Saab wished to develop a more intelligent wireless training system that relayed detailed real time information, including the number of targets hit to those overseeing operations on the sidelines.

The most important issue faced by Saab was to ensure that the wireless technology was reliable under extreme conditions. Manoeuvres can take place in conditions from -20C to +40C so it is paramount the radio is robust enough to survive fluctuating temperature changes. Another concern was stability when attached to military vehicles. Tanks, for example, emit a high level of vibration when travelling over harsh terrain so it was essential that the radio module was reliable in intense environments. Saab approached Wood & Douglas to provide a wireless system to meet this stringent set of criteria.


Designed to survive the most severe operational environments, Wood & Douglas’ G-Max transceiver was deployed. Able to operate and maintain a resilient radio frequency performance over wide ranging temperatures, the rugged radio module is shock and vibration resistant, meeting strict military specification.

With operations taking place outdoors, the transceivers provided by Wood & Douglas had to be highly portable with a strong battery performance. The radio connected to a compact display showing real time data to those leading the exercise out in the field while the G-Max radio boasted fast on/off switching to conserve battery power.

More than 25,000 of the G-Max transceivers have been deployed by Saab Training and Simulation and recently the Swedish company recognised the reliability of the product by presenting Wood & Douglas with an award for excellent performance over a decade of business.

  • Critical wireless transmission of data in extreme temperatures and harsh outdoor environments
  • Rugged radio module meets with stringent military specification

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